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It is our endeavour to spread the knowledge and the methods of the ancient practice of shamanism, through workshops conducted regularly, to all those who wish to rekindle their connection with Spirit, help heal others and accelerate their own spiritual progress. Participants in our training programmes are empowered to improve their life and circumstances through the knowledge and skills imparted through workshops conducted on spirituality, past life regression, relationships, chakras and breath-work techniques.

Soaring Spirit is also actively involved in healing work. We are committed to the healing of individuals on the physical, emotional and mental planes simultaneously, through spiritually inclined alternate therapies. We believe is restoring the power, to gain health happiness and wellbeing, back to the individuals so that they may once again feel capable of charting the course of their own health, healing and destiny. Our healing methodologies are tailored to achieve this end and use the required combination of shamanism, past life regression, breath-work and work with the chakras.

Areas of Specialization  
  • Health issues like Cancer, Organ Failures and Auto Immune Disorders.
  • Relationship Problems.
  • Fears, and Phobias.
  • Ancestral Healings
  • Negative repetive patterns regarding the various life circumstances.
  • Healing the physical, emotional and mental effect of any overwhelming trauma.
  • Neutralizing all Kinds of Black Magic
  • Removal of curses
  • Clearing of haunted spaces
  • Depossessions
  • Removing & Neutralizing Jinns and Hamzads
  • Handling Bhoot, Pret, Pishacha, Brahm Rakshasas and other Demonic Entities
  • Removals of Sayas
  • Helping the Dead Loved ones to Cross Over
  • Communication with the Dead Loved ones
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar / Multiple personality Disorders
  • Drug and Alcohol Addictions






November 25: The Quest for Happiness, Delhi

December 02: Demystifying Healing Happiness and Karma, Noida

December 08-09: The Shamanic Path, New Delhi

January 19-20: Chakras 1, Delhi

Febuary 16-17: Spirituality and Past Life Regression, Delhi


CONTACT:- soaringspirit39@gmail.com

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