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Chakras Part – II Workshop: (Two Day Weekend Workshop)

This weekend workshop will introduce the participants to the energy structure of the etheric body comprising the various “chakras” and the “nadis”. It will help develop an understanding on how the chakras are the blocks as well as the doorway to spiritual growth and “Freedom”. Designed as a mix of theory and many practical sessions, this workshop is primarily designed to remove blocks in the Chakras that have arisen from “Past Life Issues”.


The Workshop will cover

  • An introduction to the energy body and its structure.
  • Understanding the 9 obstacles to the inward & upward flow of energy.
  • The various chakras and their relationship with our physical reality.
  • Understanding how past life experiences impact the chakras.
  • Clearing past life issues effecting the chakras and thereby the etheric and physical body.
  • Tools and Techniques to awaken the chakras and clear the nadis.
  • Introduction to the Kundalini Shakti.
  • How to lay the foundation for being able to work successfully with the Kundalini Shakti.

Who should attend?

  • Anybody keen to develop an insight and understanding on the origin of their physical and emotional ailments and consequently start the process of healing them.
  • Anybody who needs the methodology to immediately identify and plug energy leaks arising from the situations and circumstances of daily life thereby ensuring health and harmony in life.
  • Healers of any body of practice who are looking for an additional diagnostic tool to better understand the unstated / yet to manifest issues of their clients.
  • Those who want to create abundance in their life and have their dreams manifest.
  • Young mothers desirous of bringing up their children in alignment with the spiritual laws to enable them to lead empowered and fulfilling lives.
  • Anybody looking for spiritual evolution.

Is any background knowledge required to attend this workshop?

  • This workshop does not require any background information or knowledge. Anybody may attend and derive benefit from the theoretical and practical knowledge that will be imparted during the workshop. It is however desirable that the workshop “Spirituality & Past Life Regression” has been attended.

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