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Breathwork Workshop: (Five Days Residential Workshop)

“The Technique To Conquer Death Is To Outlive It”

Mastery of death requires mastery of life. Mastery of life requires mastery of the self. Mastery of the self requires release of all blockages to spiritual growth and eventual freedom that come to us from our past & present or exist as seeds ready to ripen in the future.

The Workshop will cover

1) This is a very intense and demanding workshop for those who are ready to learn the techniques of breathwork that will release all blockages that arise from traumas in

  • Past Lives.
  • The Birthing Process &
  • The Current Life (from parents, society, schools, religion etc.)

2) Practical sessions in the workshop will help participants

  • Heal their fears.
  • Reach forward to alter their lives (and deaths).
  • Heal their relationships with the creator.
  • Work with the elements and
  • Learn the magic of breath to enable them live a life of balance and accelerated spiritual growth.

3) This workshop will train the participants to become Rebirthing – Breathworkers so that they can practice it on those who need it. This may be done as standalone practice or integrated into other healing modalities.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals wanting to free themselves of all restricting blocks to their achieving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Individuals wanting material success and abundance of every nature in their lives.
  • Individuals wanting accelerated spiritual growth.
  • Individuals who wish to practice rebirthing-breathwork to help others.
  • Healers of any body of practice.

For some this workshop will cap their spiritual journey and for others it will mark the beginning of one.


Is any background knowledge required to attend this workshop?

  • The two day workshop on “Spirituality and Past Life Regression” is a prerequisite to attend this workshop.

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