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Spirituality and Past-Life Regression Workshop:

(Two Day Weekend Workshop)


The objective of this workshop is to lay the foundation for spiritual growth and inner transformation by providing the participants with the relevant theoretical inputs on metaphysical concepts with emphasis on reincarnation, the journey of the soul, chakra system, theory of karma and extra sensory perception.

This workshop will prepare the ground for those who wish to become past life regression therapists or wish to progress in an accelerated manner on the spiritual path.

The workshop would also help participants to take the next steps in their healing at all levels – Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.



The workshop is designed to impart knowledge through

  • Presentations on relevant aspects of spiritual science.
  • Past life regression sessions on core themes.
  • Basic knowledge on working with chakras for diagnosis, health and healing.

An attempt will be made to cover a vast expanse of essential knowledge and answer as many questions of the participants as are possible. Audio-video presentations on related topics would also be presented during this training program to give a wider perspective.

This workshop is based on the following principles:

  • What you are today is a sum total of all your lives – the present as well as the past. All memories, incidents, impressions, traumas, belief systems from the past lives are carried forward in the higher bodies and are a part of the subconscious mind. Every past life incident leaves an impression on the individual at a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical plane. Issues from past lives that have not been resolved condense as energy blocks in the etheric or higher bodies. These blockages cause mental, emotional or physical problems. To reach the root cause of the problem the incident has to be remembered for only then can it be handled. Past life regression is based on the principle of cause and effect and utilises spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. It enables us to reach the root cause of all problems and works on the principle; when the effect is forced back to the cause, the effect vanishes. (“What is re-lived is relieved").

  • Past life regression works simultaneously on the Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

The Workshop will cover

Theory Sessions

  • Introduction to Meditation.Benefits of Meditation.History of Reincarnation.Evidence of Past Lives.History of Past Life Regression.Research on Prenatal Stages.Birth Traumas and their release.Purpose of Reincarnation, Lessons, Scripts, Agreements, Masters, Guides, The Grand Scheme. Conscious and Subconscious minds, Higher Bodies, Means of Storage and Retrieval of Memory, Trance States. Theory of Karma.Characteristics of the 3 Dimensional Reality.The Science of Past Life Regression. Panchkoshas.Stages of the Soul's Evolution.Techniques of Past Life Regression - An Introduction.

  • The Chakras - An Introduction.

Practical Sessions

  • Creative Visualisation and the Art of Relaxation. Age Regression to Womb and Birth Stage. Session on Extra Sensory Perception. Past Life Regression – Session on Fears and Phobias. Past Life Regression – Session on Relationships. Past Life Regression – Session on Health. Viewing Chakras & Understanding Related Issues.

  • Future Progression.

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