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Shamanic Extractions Workshop (Two Day Weekend Workshop)

This weekend workshop explores the causes of illness from a shamanic perspective. All diseases, pains, aches including cancer are spiritual intrusions. Participants will be initiated into the extraction method of shamanic healing including how to see, sense and remove localised illness and pain connected to spiritual factors.

The participants will also be helped to discover their power songs.


The Workshop will cover

  • Understanding disease from a shamanic perspective and the nature and origin of spiritual intrusions.
  • Seeing and identifying intrusions.
  • Various methods of extractions, including removal and disposal of intrusions.
  • Power objects and protection methods while undertaking shamanic extractions.
  • Practical session on extractions with a partner.
  • The use of drums in healing.
  • Importance of power songs & discovering power songs

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who desires to become a healer, dealing with illness and disease of all kinds.

  • The knowledge that will be imparted in this experiential workshop can only be used for healing others and cannot be used on yourself. Unless you are in the healing profession or intend to become a healer this workshop will not be of use to you.

Is any background knowledge required to attend this workshop?

  • To attend this workshop it is a prerequisite that you have attended the basic weekend workshop on shamanism – “The Shamanic Path”.

  • You should be adept at journeying and should have developed a good partnership with your spirit helpers. (If you have doubts on your skills and are not sure of where you stand, please mail us the details of any one journey that you have done for someone else to help assess whether you are ready.)

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