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The Shamanic Path Workshop: (Two Day Weekend Workshop)

Basic Workshop on Shamanism

This weekend workshop is to introduce the participants to the practice of Shamanism. Particular emphasis will be laid during this experiential workshop on the basic methods used by Shamans the world over to enter Non Ordinary Reality or a Parallel Universe to commune with the helping spirits for problem solving and healing. Whether or not you see yourself becoming a shamanic healer this workshop will help you benefit by knowing and understanding your daily world better and making astounding progress in your own spiritual journey. Shamanism can help awaken your dormant spiritual abilities faster than any other method. This workshop will change your understanding of your world in a very fundamental way and also enable you handle its daily issues better.

The Workshop will cover

  • Brief introduction to shamanism & shamanic practices.
  • Understanding the topography of “Non Ordinary Reality” and using shamanic methods to explore this hidden universe.
  • Methods of shamanic journeying to meet your own individual spirit helpers and teachers in non ordinary reality.
  • Introduction to shamanic divination methods.
  • Method of restoring lost spiritual power and get healing through journeying.
  • Ethics in shamanic practices.

Who should attend?

  • Anybody looking for an accelerated spiritual growth and awakening of dormant spiritual powers.
  • Anybody who needs answers for daily life's problems and questions directly without the use of an intermediary.
  • Healers of any body of practice.
  • Therapist of any body of practice (Doctors, Reiki Practitioners, Past Life Regression Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Psychological Counselors, Tarot or Angel Card Readers etc) as they will be able to integrate the practices of divination and restoring lost spiritual power into their practices to help and heal clients.
  • All those who would like to attend advanced courses like “Shamanic Extractions” & “Soul Retrievals”.


Is any background knowledge required to attend this workshop?

  • This workshop does not require any background information or knowledge. Anybody may attend and derive benefit from the knowledge of these practices.

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