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Relationships Workshop: (Two Day Weekend Workshop)


Many of us live a life of misery instead of happiness due to the nature of our circumstances and our relationships. Our lives are full of conflict, strife, struggle and unhappiness. However, it need not be like this. We can choose to be happy and can rid ourselves of negative situations and circumstances. All that is required is a better understanding of how life works and what we need to do to be happy in relationships and have a fulfilling life.

In this workshop, you will explore the knowledge and methods of ancient spiritual traditions to understand the nature of relationships and how to heal damaged, demanding, and disastrous relationships. You will also be able to heal your hidden wounds, your repetitive dysfunctional patterns in relationships coming from past lives, your fears and your unhealthy emotional reactions in relationships. You will also understand how to journey within and meet the soul's purpose for this life time – a choice that ensures a contended life.

This workshop is a mix of theory and many practical exercises.

The Workshop will cover

  • A basic understanding on how our happiness in relationships and in life is related to our meeting the purpose of our soul in this life time.
  • The “Law of Light and Reflection” explaining how all the circumstances and relationships in our life are to be treated as mirrors.
  • The “Seven Sacred Mirrors” in relationships as taught by the “Essenes”.
  • The nature of “Limiting Beliefs” and letting go off them to create and sustain happy fulfilling relationships.
  • Understanding the journey of the soul and the manner in which life lessons, life themes, pre birth choices, contracts & agreements affect our relationships.
  • Understanding and handling unhealthy repetitive relationship patterns being carried forward from past lives.
  • The role of catalysts and petty tyrants in relationships.
  • Toltec technique of “Recapitulation” to recall your spirit from the dimensions of the past where it may have been lost in order to rid your body of external energy pollution. This restores the body to its state of wholeness enabling you to build a happy fulfilling life.
  • Understanding the nature of the “Male” and the “Female” and how to create fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Intelligent co-operation with our divine other half to evolve spiritually, meet the soul's purpose and have fulfilling lives.
  • Learning to love yourself and the need thereof.
  • Breaking unhealthy patterns / beliefs being handed down the ancestral lineage.


Who should attend?

  • Anybody wanting to heal their relationships or the circumstances of their life.
  • Anybody wanting to be “Just Happy”.

  • Anybody wanting to build loving and trusting relationships that will survive life's challenges.
  • Anybody wanting to achieve a deep healing of the self and evolve spiritually.

  • Healers and therapists of any body of practice wanting to equip themselves with new knowledge to help their clients.


Is any background knowledge required to attend this workshop?

  • Some basic knowledge of spirituality will be a help but this is not a constraint in being able to attend and gain from the knowledge being imparted.

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