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Is it possible to do Long Distance Healing?

Everything in shamanism can also be done long distance i.e. by remote. Time and space are not constraints in the parallel universe where there is simultaneity of time i.e. the past, present and future is taking place concurrently. Long distance healing is just as successful and powerful as the healing received by going to a shamanic practitioner. However, as with all things there would be practitioners who are better at long distance healing and others who are better at healing persons who come to them.

Long distance healing, however, is the only option when the client cannot go to the shamanic practitioner due to the distance involved or is suffering from a very contagious disease or is in a hospital ICUs. Cases involving small children & animals too are best done by remote.

There is an advantage, however, of going to the practitioner for healing because being in a sacred energy space may itself be a healing experience.


What illnesses can Shamanic Practices Heal?

Shamanism can heal any illness, injury, trauma or condition of the body / mind / emotions. It is important to remember that shamanism is about healing the spiritual causes of illnesses and so the healing is multidimensional. Since the etheric body interacts with the physical body, the healing also reaches the physical body. Shamanic healing addresses the root spiritual cause of illness and hence works upon all the higher bodies as against a cure which is one-dimensional and addresses only the physical body.

The shamanic practitioner is not the one giving the healing. All healings come from the strength of his partnership with his spirit helpers / guides. Since the Shaman is merely transferring the power and the energy, from infinite beings from an infinite universe, into the current reality miracles occur in healings.

Shamanism has been known to have healed cancer, blindness and other apparently incurable illnesses.


Is Shamanism an alternate to Medicinal Healing?

Shamanism is not a healing system that works in exclusion of other systems. It is a holistic system and recognizes that other healing systems have their own role to play. You should not deprive yourself of the advances made by science and technology simply because you decided to also avail of the benefits of an alternate healing system. Medical science has a role to play in the cure of the physical aspects of the ailment while shamanism addresses the root spiritual cause. Both must be utilised for maximum effect.


Life after Healing:

Once a person is healed it frees up a lot of energy. Post healing the continued well being of a person would depend on how this energy is utilised in creating a healthy lifestyle so that this freed up energy is not utilised for manifesting another illness. Sustainable healing is a partnership between the healer, the spirits and the person seeking healing. The persons seeking healing have to contribute their part by making the necessary shifts in their lifestyle and thought patterns once the shamanic practitioner's work is over.


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