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Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and loose his own soul?"

- Jesus Christ




When an individual goes through an overwhelming trauma, which the psyche is not capable of handling in the normal way, a piece of the soul splinters and moves away into non ordinary reality. This soul part takes with it all or bulk of the pain, emotion and memory associated with the trauma. This is called soul loss and is a self actuated mechanism by consciousness when it detects a threat to the whole. In the interests of ensuring survival the soul fragments itself so that the person can bear the trauma and continue living. Just about any physical, emotional or sexual trauma may cause soul loss. However the big traumas that do cause soul loss are major accidents, sexual abuse like rape and incest, police torture, war crimes, being caught in natural disasters, death of loved ones and possibly major surgeries.

On the positive side soul loss ensures survival but on the negative side with the loss of a piece of the soul the person becomes disconnected with life and it's joys. Some of the symptoms that may be seen in individuals suffering soul loss are chronic depression, addictions, memory loss, not being able to recollect certain parts of their life, inability to come out of traumatic situations, feeling numb & deadened, not being completely present, suicidal tendencies and problems with the immune system. With the loss of a piece of the soul some gifts, knowledge, strengths, abilities and skills too are lost. Soul loss leaves a person incomplete and hence incapable of making the choices and decisions of their life.

Soul loss is handled by the shamanic process of soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is done by the shamanic practitioner who is guided by his spirit guides to the lost soul part in non ordinary reality from where it is brought back and restored into the body of the person who lost it. This restores to the affected person his condition of wholeness and also brings back the knowledge, strengths, abilities and skills that were lost with the exit of this soul part.

Traumas, however, are not the only way of losing a piece of one's soul. Soul parts may be lost because of soul theft or by an individual voluntarily giving them up. In either case the effects of soul loss are felt just as much.

Soul retrievals may help a person start on their healing journey or may, in other cases, be the concluding aspect of the healing journey that they have been on.

Other than healing people Shamans also heal the land, remove spells, read omens or help souls that have got stuck to the earth plane in crossing over.

  • Soul Loss- What is it and how does it happen?
  • What causes Soul Loss?
  • What are the symptoms of Soul Loss?
  • How else can a piece of the Soul be lost?
  • Soul Retrieval



Soul Loss – What is it and how does it happen?

As we go through life we have our share of grief, illnesses, traumas and challenges, however, most of the time we emerge through these trying times in one piece. In case of major traumas the psyche, in order to enable the person to survive, locks up the memory deep in the subconscious mind so that the trauma, its memory, the associated emotions and pain do not interfere with the person's ability to carry on living. Off and on the memory or the “spirit of trauma” raises its head and re-emerges, triggered by some chance happening in the environment that brings back the flood of the memory and the associated emotional trauma. However, as soon as this occurs the person again banishes that memory to the deep recesses of the mind and refuses to look in that direction. It's just a coping mechanism activated by the body.


Sometimes however the trauma is so overwhelming that there is no place deep enough to hide it in and under these circumstances a piece of the soul fragments and falls off taking all or part of that trauma and memory with it. This again is a self defense mechanism that is kicked in by our consciousness as it detects a threat to its survival & it fragments a part of itself so that the whole may survive. This is actually a beautiful survival mechanism.

The fragmented or splintered piece of the soul moves into “Non Ordinary Reality” with the intention of returning one day but once it steps into the immensity of infinity it gets lost and is not able to find its way back.

The person consequently manages to survive the trauma but in the process of losing a part of their soul also loses some gifts, knowledge, strengths, abilities and talents which happen to go with the fragmented soul part.

Soul loss is a good thing to the extent that it enables an individual to survive the pain. For example, if a person is in a head-on vehicle collision there is no way that their psyche can endure that pain. So at the time of impact a part of the soul leaves the body so that the full impact of the pain is not felt.

Were the entire soul to leave death would occur. When more than 50% of the soul fragments the person goes into a state of Coma.

The fragmented soul goes into a parallel universe and having gone there can find no way to come back and hence waits there until someone intervenes on the behalf of the affected person and gets the piece of the soul back to them.

Unfortunately lack of knowledge of the phenomenon of soul loss and a lack of understanding of what it is to be in spiritual balance prevents most people from indentifying that they have suffered soul loss and therefore taking action to seek restoration of their lost soul parts.


What causes Soul Loss?

Any overwhelming trauma will cause soul loss. This trauma may be physical, emotional or sexual. Soul loss would typically occur in cases of severe accidents, natural disasters, being a victim of war crimes, police torture, terrorist acts, rape or incest, drug overdose, surgeries and the death of loved ones.

That said we must nevertheless understand and appreciate that trauma is a very personal thing and trauma for one may be nothing for another. So a situation that may leave one person unaffected may be the cause of soul loss in another. It is therefore very difficult to say off hand what incidents would cause soul loss and what would not cause soul loss.


What are the symptoms of Soul Loss?

Soul loss can be recognized by symptoms like not being present in your body, feeling spaced out, immune deficiency problems, deep chronic depression, inability to get over a trauma / grief, coma, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress disorder, gaps in memory, multiple personality syndrome, blocking out significant traumas from memory, feeling that someone has taken your soul, feeling incomplete or a general feeling of numbness. Victims of soul loss may have difficulty in making choices and taking decisions. They may also tolerate an abusive situation for much longer than most people simply because they are not completely there to feel the full impact of the abuse.

Soul loss creates a vacuum so huge in the body that something rushes to get in and fill the space. These could be addictions for drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex or shopping as the person turns outwards to fill an internal void. At a logical conscious level the individual recognizes the addiction and it's ill effect but due to soul loss lacks the power to prevent this substance / behavior from filling that huge void left from the soul loss. Most rehabilitation programmes, as a result, end up being of temporary benefit with the person relapsing into the earlier pattern.

Other energy intrusions that cause diseases too may come in at this juncture. In some cases severe soul loss may be a contributory factor in causing possessions.

Whenever someone says “I have never been the same since that event” they have possibly suffered soul loss in that event. Points in time when individuals lose a part of their soul become watershed events after which their life shifts in major ways for the worse. Those suffering from soul loss would generally lose their zest for life and all it's joys.

The situation that caused the original trauma of soul loss is likely to recur as a repetitive pattern in an person's life as the soul, in an attempt to restore it's original wholeness, forces the person to look for answers and healing.

Soul loss is more widespread than imagined and in that sense almost all who we see walking this Earth are wounded due to a loss of their soul part / parts in this life time or a previous one.


How else can a piece of the Soul be lost?


Not every case of soul loss is due to overwhelming trauma. Soul loss may also occur due to the following reasons.

Soul Theft: Someone may have stolen a piece of another person's soul in an attempt to maintain connection in a relationship that is coming to an end. Soul Theft may also occur due to an intent to harm, due to envy or jealousy or in an attempt by the thief to be like the person whose soul is being stolen. Soul theft is generally done unconsciously, but sometimes it may be by the deliberate act of the sorcerer acting on someone's behalf. Soul stealing is a lose-lose proposition where the thief is burdened by energy that is not his and so slows him down while the person whose soul is stolen is affected by the loss of his vital essence.

Giving up a Soul part voluntarily: A person may give a piece of his or her soul to another or may leave it behind in their favourite place – all in order to continue to maintain connection.


Soul Retrieval is the restoration of the lost soul part into the person's body by the Shaman once he tracks it down in non ordinary reality with the help of his spirits guides and spirit allies.

Once an individual has his soul part brought back he again becomes whole and complete. With the restoration of their wholeness the person becomes more capable of taking the decisions on the next steps of their life. It also enables them to participate and respond to the other therapies that they may be undergoing for their healing. Most therapies are “Talking Therapies” and will work only if there is enough of a person in there listening and comprehending. If the therapist is talking to just a fraction of a person with the balance of that person hanging out in non ordinary reality there is not enough of a person in the chair to understand, respond to and integrate the lessons of the therapy. In such cases the therapy does not work no matter how long the person stays in it.

With soul retrieval the person also gets back the knowledge, gifts, talents and abilities that were lost when the soul part had fragmented and left.


(a) How many and which all Soul parts come back?

The number of soul parts that come back is determined by the “All Knowing” spirits depending on what a person needs at that stage in their life and on how much energy they are capable of handling at a time.

The returning “vital essence” is a very powerful energy. It is generally not possible to give another soul retrieval in less than a year because generally a person can handle just one soul retrieval in an year. The benefits of the soul retrieval continue to flow into the individual's life for long afterwards.

A soul retrieval is a miracle, a miracle delivered by the spirits, for who else can ever track a fragmented soul part in all of infinity. It is a time for celebration and the entire family and friends of the person who gets the soul part back must celebrate and welcome the lost piece of the soul back.


(b) What needs to be done by the individual after receiving a Soul Retrieval?

Once the wholeness of an individual has been restored by soul retrieval and the individual receives the gifts of strengths, abilities, talents and skill that were a part of the returning soul part, the process of integrating the returning vital essence starts. This is work in which the shamanic practitioner would guide the person.

Soul retrieval could mark the beginning of the healing journey enabling that person to knowingly seek the other required therapies or respond better to therapies that they are already in. Alternatively if the person has already done a lot of personal work for their own healing the soul retrieval might mark the end of their healing journey.

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