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Spirit Intrusions


When a person has lost spiritual power the boundaries of the body become weak and in that state it is possible for spiritual intrusions or energy intrusions to invade and penetrate the weakened body. Energy intrusions can more accurately be viewed as energy that is misplaced i.e. energy in the wrong place. All localized pains, aches, illnesses and disease including cancer are energy intrusions.

Organ transplants are another case of energy intrusions, for the transplanted organ carries the energy of the donor which is energy in the wrong place and incompatible with the energy of the recipient of the organ. This leads to a higher probability of early organ rejection.

Shamanically all such cases are handled by the shamanic process of extractions in which the spiritual intrusions or energy intrusions are removed and put in their rightful place.

Possessions of a person's body by a disembodied / disincarnate soul that has failed to cross over after death is an extreme form of intrusion. Victims of possession are generally individuals who are in a severe state of weakness due to power loss coupled with soul loss. This condition is handled by depossessing the possessed person of the possessing entity. The entity is helped to cross over to it's rightful place and the individual is given shamanic treatment to prevent future such occurrence.


  • Spirit Intrusions (also called Energy Intrusions)
  • Shamanic Extractions
  • Where does Misplaced Energy come from?
  • Other Sources of Energy Intrusions



Spirit Intrusions (also called Energy Intrusions):

When the boundaries of the body are weak, which can happen for a variety of reasons, but primarily as a result of either loss of spiritual power or soul loss or both, any other energy form can invade the body. These spirit intrusions / energy intrusions / non-ordinary intrusions (henceforth referred to as energy intrusions) obviously have enough power to intrude into a person's body. All localized pains, aches and diseases including illnesses such as cancer are energy intrusions.

A more appropriate way to view energy intrusions is to look at them as misplaced energy. There is no good energy of bad energy. Energy is just energy it is either in the right place or it is in the wrong place. Energy in the wrong place is an intrusion and causes disharmony in the body. The Shaman merely moves the energy to its right place and thereby restores a condition of harmony and well being.


Shamanic Extractions:


Energy Intrusions are treated by the Shaman in partnership with his or her spirit allies by extracting these energies. This is the process of Shamanic Extractions an advanced healing practice.


Where does Misplaced Energy come from?

The Shaman is not overly concerned with where this misplaced energy is coming from. The Shaman merely sees that the energy does not belong where it is and removes it.

That said, for our understanding, there are just two sources of energy intrusions. This energy is either coming into the body from the outside or is being generated inside.

  • (a) Misplaced Energy Generated From Within
  • (b) Misplaced Energy Coming From Outside The Body

•  Misplaced Energy Generated From Within:

We all are aware that negative emotional states affect health adversely. Emotions cause energy movement within the body and when this movement is not in harmony this energy can get stuck, stored or blocked in any location in the energy body. Over a period of time this misplaced energy will manifest in the physical body as an illness. As an example you may store your stress or anger in your stomach causing ulcers or in the lower back causing pain, or maybe in your heart causing high blood pressure.

•  Misplaced Energy Coming From Outside The Body:

Energy Intrusions may have come from negative thought forms floating around. These penetrative negative thought forms / intrusions come from the emotional states of other people accidently or through deliberate intent.

(a) Accidentally directed towards individuals

When you get angry and send your anger out at someone, it may spiritually affect that person as an energy intrusion. All negative thought forms may enter other people as spiritual intrusions when they are directed at them with the power of emotion.

It is alright to give vent to your emotions for if we do not do that we would be creating energy blockages and hence disease in our own bodies. However, it is important to know that we all have a spiritual side with spiritual power which can harm people at a spiritual level when strong negative emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, hostility etc are directed at them.

(b) Psychic debris of negative thought forms in the environment may penetrate the bodies of certain individuals because of their condition of weakness.

(c) Deliberately directed with an intention to harm, i.e. Psychic attacks

Conscious hostile spiritual acts by sorcerers would fall in this category. It includes things like curses, negative wishes and magic spells. While most people understand the power of prayer, they somehow miss the power of curses and spells and the need to guard against them.

Psychic warfare was a finely practiced art in indigenous societies where the sorcerer would first splinter the soul of the victim and then send disease (energy intrusions) in. Unfortunately this practice continues to be employed by some unscrupulous people even in this day and age.


Other Sources of Energy Intrusions:

(a) Energy left behind from an injury is common source of misplaced energy. As an example when someone sprains his / her ankle an energy blockage in the energy body may remain, post injury and treatment, continuing to cause localised pain and / or weakness in that location for a long time.

(b) Organ transplants are sometimes an instance where shamanic extraction is needed. In shamanism everything is alive and has a spirit. So, for example, the liver transplanted from another person would still contain the energy from the organ donor. This energy may not be compatible with the energy of the recipient. This then would increase the possibility of an early organ rejection.

In such cases the Shaman would be required to remove the energy of the donor that came along with the organ into the recipient's body.

As you can see in the organ donor example, misplaced energy is not good or bad, it simply does not belong there. Because it does not belong there it causes illness or weakness in the body.

(c) Involuntary Possessions

When a person loses his spiritual power coupled with soul loss the degree of vulnerability is so high and the protective boundaries of the body so weak that a complete entity (disincarnate / disembodied soul) may walk in. Soul loss creates such a large vacuum in the body that intrusions of any kind may get sucked in.

Usually such possessing entities are spirits of persons who have had sudden, traumatic deaths, and are not even aware that they have died. Consequently in their state of confusion these disembodied souls fail to make the transition to the other side and remain floating around in this reality. Looking for a comfortable place to stay they may walk into a body that is in a state of weakness. These souls are lost, confused and suffering. They are worthy of our greatest compassion and need to be assisted to cross over. However, even though these possessing entities are misguided and mean no harm, they have a damaging effect mentally, emotionally and physically on the possessed person.

There are more disincarnate beings of this kind floating around in our environment today than in any other time in human history because more people have died traumatic deaths in wars and genocides in the last two thousand years than probably in the previous forty thousand years.

Possessions, however are not always accidental walk ins by disincarnate entities into the bodies of people in a severe state of spiritual weakness. They may also be a result of deliberate intent to harm by sorcerers or a consequence of past life karma. These malevolent possessing entities will attempt to control the minds and bodies of the possessed person with varying degree of success.

For the living person who is a victim of involuntary possession, the consequences may include mental confusion, getting hooked to new addictions and taking on the fears, phobias, emotional and physical state of the disincarnate being at the time of its death.

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