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Power Animals and Power Animal Retrieval


Power animals are the manifestation of spirit in animal form, when it comes to give power. When a person is born a minimum of three power animals volunteer to take care of that person as he or she goes through life. It is possible that a person may have the same power animals all his life or power animals may come and go depending on what is required by the person at that point in his or her life. The power given by the power animal is like a spiritual power which is the back up to the power that the person has in the physical reality to be safe and healthy.

Sometimes for a set of reasons a power animal may leave the person and a replacement may not come in. In these circumstances there is loss of power. Symptoms of loss of power may range from chronic fatigue, chronic depression, bad luck, misfortunes, being increasingly prone to accidents, failure in business and career, chronic illness to being prone to every small virus / infection. Basically loss of power may start unraveling an individual's life. Further with the passage of time the loss of power and its affect increases.

The solution in this case is to restore the lost spiritual power of the individual through a power animal retrieval.

  • Introduction
  • Power Animal and the Shaman
  • Power Animal is SPIRIT
  • What do Power Animals do for us and How many do we have?
  • What kinds of Animals can be Power Animals?
  • Calling your Power Animals
  • Communicating with Power Animals
  • Building a Relationship with The Power Animal
  • More about Power Animals
  • Power Animal Retrieval




Anil Kumar walked in one day complaining that his business was in dire straits and no matter what he did every business was ending up being a financial disaster. He had over the last few years tried different businesses in various parts of the country but all had met the same sorry fate. On checking with the spirit guides I was told that Anil was prone to all these misfortunes in life due to loss of power and needed a power animal retrieval. A power animal retrieval was given to him and a month later he rang up to say that the new business that he had started was doing very well and even financially things had started improving tremendously. He had managed to buy a house which until a little while ago was only a distant dream.

Iqbal, a teenager, had a complex spinal surgery at one of Delhi's leading hospital. Post surgery he was confined to a wheel chair, having lost all sensation below the waist. The mother was asked to get him back after a six month period to enable the doctors to check on the conditions of the nerves and determine whether he would be able to walk or not. They said that there was no point in getting him before that, as no change was likely to occur in a period shorter than six months. When the mother brought Iqbal for a healing, post the operation, my spirits guides again guided me to only give him a power animal retrieval. Session done the mother and son left for their home town. Iqbal worked regularly with his power animal that was retrieved for the current condition and was able to get off the wheel chair and walk with assistance within 2 months.

Isha had all the symptoms of possessions by a malevolent entity that was causing her severe physical harm. The spirit guides said that she needed to be de-possessed of that entity but since she was not in a position to come for a de-possession session immediately they guided me to give her a power animal retrieval. Her power animal, which turned out to be a creature of myth, had such a powerful impact that the damage being caused by the possessing entity was immediately kept at bay until she could come in for a session a week later.


Power Animals and The Shaman:

Power animals are guardian spirits, akin to guardian angels. They are an essential component of all shamanic work. They are the helping spirits which assist in any venture undertaken by the Shaman. Shamans may call upon their power animals to:

  • Diagnose an illness.
  • Assist in journeys through non ordinary reality.
  • Provide information / teaching or
  • Bring power to the work, ritual or ceremony being undertaken.


Power Animal is SPIRIT:

Spirit typically manifests itself in human form when it comes to give knowledge and wisdom. However, when it comes to give power it typically manifests itself in animal form. We call the former “Teachers” or “Guides” and the latter “Power Animals”. Typically power animals will be found in the lower world, though any Spirit can accompany us in any of the worlds including this physical reality known as the middle world in shamanic practice.


What do Power Animals do for us and How many do we have?

Shamans believe that when we are born a minimum of three power animals volunteer to take care of us as we go through life. This number may, however, be more with some people. Some individuals may possibly be walking around with dozens of animals. If we were not to have these power animals with us we would never reach adulthood. The power animals protect us from all harm (physical, emotional & mental, including disease) in this reality and work for us whether or not we are aware of their presence.

You may have the same set of animals working with you all your life or animals may come and go depending on what it is that you need most at that time in your life. Each animal has something to teach us and having given us that knowledge it may move on. When we come across certain animals in our lives it may be an indication about what we need to focus on in our personal life at that moment in time.

The important thing to realize is that each power animal comes to teach us something unique. One power animal is not any more powerful than any other – they all have the same power. It's just that each comes with different gifts. Further when we talk of Power Animals it is not as if it is THE power animal that you met or talked to, the entire species is your power animal.

Power animals not only protect us from harm including illnesses but also give valuable guidance and advice on a day to day basis, should we care to ask for it. They strengthen the boundaries of our body and prevent any energy intrusions. To be with your power animals makes you “Power Filled”. Problems in our life arise only when an animal leaves us and a replacement does not come in, for then we start loosing power and gradually become “Power Empty” or “Power Deficit”. This loss of spiritual power causes bad luck & misfortunes in life. Those who are disempowered due to the leaving of their power animals are likely to be chronically susceptible to illness, fatigue, depression and accidents. They are also more likely to face business failures or poor career graphs. Loss of power is not something that is instantaneous but is something like the evaporation of perfume. When a power animal leaves us and a replacement does not come in, the loss of power is gradual; it takes place over time making us increasingly weaker.

Loss of spiritual power or loss of power animals is not the result of an illness or trauma. Rather loss of power is a precondition to most serious illnesses, trauma and even soul loss. If we loose the protection of one or more of our power animals it opens the door to adversity in life and may possibly lead to spiritual intrusions and / or soul loss. In such conditions it is comparatively easier for our life to start unraveling.


What kinds of Animals can be Power Animals?


Power animals will always be wild animals (from the land, sea or air). They will not be domesticated animals for domesticated animals have no power left in them. It is however possible that your power animal is an extinct animal or even a mythological creature. This is because even when the animal is no longer there is this physical reality it continues to live on as spirit.


How do you identify your Power Animal?

If you would like to find out who your power animal is, you may consult a shamanic practitioner or try discovering this on your own. If working on your own you may start by asking for a dream and see if anything comes up. You may also note what animal / animals you are emotionally connected with or which are the ones that continuously reveal themselves to you in your home, outside in nature or in pictures. Such sightings may be an indication of something significant though a journey to non ordinary reality to ask the spirits is the most accurate method to identify the animals that are currently working with you.


Calling your Power Animals:

You can call upon your power animals simply by intent and focus. Your method of calling can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. What you say and how you say it is not important, it is only important that your call is authentic and from the heart.


Communicating With Power Animals:

The three fundamental cornerstone beliefs in shamanism are: “All That Is Is Alive”, “All That Is Alive Has Spirit” and “Everything Is Connected To Everything Else” In ancient times, there was unity between humans and all of life – a time when the veil between the visible and invisible world did not exist. Humans therefore conversed freely with all of life – plants, animals, rocks, the elements etc. Now, however, this unity is lost in this physical world but with awareness it is possible to again build the capability to communicate with animal and nature spirits. This is just a matter of practice and the more we practice the better we get at it.

Be patient. Stop the mind chatter for the logical mind interferes with this work. Speak to your power animal with all your senses and allow the answer or the communication from the animal to emerge in whatever way it does. TRUST that you will get this right. Humans have been communicating with spirit for thousands of years and have only recently lost this ability.

Your power animal volunteered to take care of you as you go through this incarnation, so use it whenever you need help, advice, are fearful, are in a stressful situation, fighting illness, or under threat of physical violence. The situations in which you can use your power animal is limited only by your creativity.


Building A Relationship With The Power Animal:


In building a relationship with your power animal, it is beneficial and also important to often honour your animal in some way. Spirit gives up all its freedom to be with you, to assist you through your life, and hence the least that you can do is to honour your power animal and express your gratitude. Once again, this can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It is a good practice to remember your power animal by having a figure or a photograph around you. You must also express your gratitude to the animal at the end of the day for all the assistance that it provided you during the day. It is courteous to just communicate with the animal regularly even if there is nothing that you want from it.

The most powerful act of gratitude is however to merge with the power animal and dance i.e. give spirit the experience of the only thing that it does not have – a body! This merger is not possession; it is a sacred union that can transform you. It is a shamanic state of “Ecstasy”.


More About Power Animals:

For more information on Power Animals you may read

  • “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews &
  • “The Way of The Shaman” by Michael Harner.

A popular website that gives the attributes that particular animals get into your life is

  • www.animalspirits.com


Power Animal Retrieval

Power animal retrieval is the getting back, by the Shaman, of a power animal that once worked with a person and then left. This exit by the animal then lead to loss of spiritual power and all its consequent problems. The purpose of power animal retrieval is to restore the spiritual power of an individual, thereby assisting them in resisting current mental, emotional and physical illnesses. It helps them to heal injuries, and increases resistance to probable future illnesses, misfortunes and traumas. A common additional benefit of this work of spiritual empowerment is increase in self-confidence, a greater sense of well being, a feeling of being looked after and protected and consequently an increased ability to achieve success in personal goals.

Spirit may lead the shaman to do a power animal retrieval for an individual showing the following symptoms:

•  There is a feeling of being chronically dispirited.

•  There is chronic depression.

•  There is chronic illness unresponsive to medical treatment or

•  There is chronic adversity in the life of the individual seeking help.

Power animal retrieval is generally also given as a follow up work after one or more of the following shamanic treatments:

•  Soul Retrieval.

•  Shamanic Extraction.

•  De-possession.

Especially after de-possession and spirit intrusion extractions power animal retrieval is very useful to help fill the void left by the removal of the misplaced energies. This reduces the probability of a re-entry by a possessing spirit or spirit intrusion. It may also be done after soul retrievals, should the Shaman be so guided by his helping spirits, to help empower the individual to keep the retrieved soul parts


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