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Divination Journey

A divination journey is a journey into non ordinary reality or a parallel universe by a shamanic practitioner to obtain information on a question that a client may have asked. It is also possible for a practitioner to journey for answers to his own questions. The parallel universe or non ordinary reality where the shamanic practitioner will meet his spirit guides / helpers is a realm where all that has happened, is happening and will happen is already happening. Therefore the entire knowledge in the universe already exists in that parallel reality. The answers that the shamanic practitioner gets for the client are directly from the all knowing spirits in non ordinary reality. It is possible for individuals to empower themselves and learn the method of journeying or have the shamanic practitioner journey for them.


Illness from a Shamanic Perspective

In shamanism it is believed that all illnesses have a spiritual cause which then manifests in the physical body. Hence healing the spiritual cause heals the person at the spiritual level and also transmits the healing to the physical body thereby curing it. Illnesses that people face may not always be just in the physical body they may be emotional, mental or spiritual which too would be handled in shamanism.

In shamanism it is believed that the three most common spiritual causes of illness (physical, emotional or mental) are loss of power, spiritual intrusions (including possession by disembodied entities) and soul loss. These causes are handled by the shamanic practices of power animal retrieval, shamanic extractions (or depossession in case of possessions) and soul retrieval. An individual, seeking help for a problem, may be suffering from one or all of these causes. The spiritual cause of any individual's problem is revealed to the shamanic practitioner by the spirit guides / spirit allies in a shamanic journey.


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