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Benefits of Past Life Regression:

There has been an enormous amount of research done in Past Life Regression in recent times all over the world. Most diseases, illnesses and maladies we suffer in present lives have past life connections.

The important benefits of Past Life Regression are:

  • Healing of chronic diseases through the understanding of karmic patterns and the removal of energy blockages.
  • Releasing oneself from all kinds of fears and phobias which in many cases are carried forward from past lives due to the experiences / traumas of that life time.
  • Spiritually developing a deeper understanding of and handling the grief of the departure of a loved one.
  • Improving relationships through an understanding of the karmic ties / debts created in earlier life times and being carried forward in this life time as effects. Once these patterns are released the relationships are healed.
  • Healing oneself of psychosomatic illnesses, chronic fatigue, unexplained chronic pains, and unexplained depression/anxiety.
  • Freeing oneself totally from the fear of death.
  • Helps in retrieving talents and skills from earlier lifetimes.
  • Knowing the “Purpose” of one's current life.


“Every incarnation that we remember must increase our comprehension of ourselves as we are.”

- Aleister Crowley


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