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Basis of Past Life Regression – The Law of Karma:

If there were no repetitive patterns and no Karma there would be no healing through past life regression. The theory of Karma is the bedrock on which this practice is built.

Past Life Regression is based on the principle of Cause and Effect (also known as the Law of Karma). It can be aptly summed up as “As you sow so shall you reap”. Karma is the divine law of justice and operates with mathematical precision. A cause that has been set in motion sometime in the past by the person creates a corresponding effect / reaction on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being of that the person in the present. The cause may be a past experiences: a desire, a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a vow, a promise, or a decision.

As we go through our many incarnations we set up karmic connections and ties with many souls through our actions. Our spiritual growth depends on our understanding these karmic cycles and their repetitive patterns. As we learn the lessons from our karmic cycles we come out of them. Past Life Regression enables us to understand these karmic cycles and bring the lessons from the past into our current consciousness, thereby nullifying their effects. Karma teaches us to take responsibility for our own actions and be the creators of our own reality.




“Karma brings us ever back to rebirth, binds us to the wheel of births and deaths. Good karma drags us back as relentlessly as bad, and the chain which is wrought out of our virtues holds us as firmly and closely as that forged from our vices”

- Annie Besant


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