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Future Progression Misconceptions


Past Lives do not affect present lives.

We are a product of all our experiences – past and present, and carry these with us NOW.

Past life memories are stored in our higher bodies-in the subtler energy fields. These are not PAST for we carry them with us here and now. They affect our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. It is a part of our subconscious memory or the “overlaid knowledge” and comes into play even before our logical rational part can come into action. The purpose of past life therapy is to break the negative repetitive patterns that continue to affect our present lives.


We cannot change anything with past life regression.

Lasting solutions can only come when we go to the origin of the problem i.e. the life time where the issue began, for only then understanding develops on the repetitive pattern and the blocks. Only then the meaninglessness of the repetitive pattern sinks in & an individual begins to take steps that will enable him to find true peace, happiness and joy.


Past lives are experienced due to suggestions of the person conducting the past life regression.

Experienced practitioners do not give suggestions and merely guide the person to uncover his past life memory and arrive at the root cause of the issue.


To do this work a practitioner need not have a belief in past lives.

It is nearly impossible to guide the client effectively without an understanding of metaphysical concepts, the soul's journey and all related concepts. Thus the attitudes and belief system of the therapist greatly influences the healing process. It is also believed that the quality of the energy between the practitioner and the client may be the actual healing agent and what is said or done is secondary to this energy field.

Only an experienced practitioner whose belief system is compatible with the concepts of past lives is most suitable for this work.


Past Life Regression can be done by anyone.


Knowledge, training and experience counts. (Would you undergo surgery with any doctor?) To be able to access the deepest levels of the subconscious mind you need to be with a practitioner you are comfortable with, you can trust and whose energy is compatible with yours. It is important to check the credentials of the person you are planning to go to.


People only see themselves as famous, well-known people in their past lives.


Majority of the people recall very ordinary life times with the usual issues relating to work, relationships, marriage, births, deaths etc. Just as these events stand out in this life time so too do they stand out in previous life times.


“The purpose of physical life is to provide you with a context within which you may experience what you choose in the spiritual realm, to experience.”

- Neale Donald Walsch


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