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How does Past-Life-Regression help me to overcome the problems being faced by me at present?


We are the sum total of all the experiences of all our past lives. The effects of your past actions will be felt by you in your present. Almost all of the problems being faced now (health problems, psychosomatic diseases, relationship issues, recurring negative patterns in life situations, lack of clarity about the purpose of your life, stagnation in spiritual growth etc.) have their root causes in past lives. Past-Life-Regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps removes the effects by addressing the root causes. By going to a root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically. Past-Life-Regression works simultaneously on Body, Mind, and Spirit and heals at all levels.



Does Past-Life-Regression require the use of hypnotism?


Past-Life-Regression requires the subject to go to deep levels of relaxation and access the subconscious mind. Use of hypnotism is an option but there are many non-hypnotic techniques like bridge techniques, breath work, spontaneous recall, bodywork, christos technique, meditation and dreams.

The techniques used would depend on what is most suitable for that individual.



Is it possible that a person undergoing Past Life Regression gets stuck in the trance state and cannot come back to normal waking consciousness?


No, this cannot happen. A person undergoing Past-Life-Regression always comes back to normal waking consciousness no matter how deep the trance is.



How many sessions do I need to take?


Generally three sessions are adequate for a good level of clarity to be achieved. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and the actual number of sessions required varies based on the complexity of the issues to be resolved. We normally review the situation after the first session and then decide the future course of action.



Is there any age limit for a person to undergo Past Life Regression?


12 years would be a good age to begin as by then the person undergoing regression would be able to explain with clarity whatever is being experienced.



Is it O.K. to get Past Life Regression done only out of curiosity?

Curiosity is as good a reason as any other. Since we are the sum total of all experiences of all our lifetimes, past life regression will help us to know ourselves better and gain clarity about the purpose of our life.



Can Past life Regression help spastic children?


It may not be possible to regress the child. However, by regressing the parents it would be possible to know why the child has chosen this disability and also why the parents have chosen this life situation.



How long does a session take?

The first session is generally for 3 hours. It involves having a detailed interview to understand the background and issues of the person seeking help. This is then followed up with a session to go backwards in this lifetime to the womb and birth stage. The second session onwards we would get into past lives and on an average a session would be for an hour and a half.



Is Past Life Regression safe?


Yes, the process of past life regression with a trained practitioner is completely safe and has no negative side effects.



Is there any evidence of “Past Lives” in our “Daily Lives” ?

Yes, Déjà vu Experiences, Love and Hate at first sight, Obsessions and Compulsions, Child Prodigies, Multiple Birth Defects, Distinctive Birth Marks, Multiple Personalities, and Xenoglossy are all examples of the evidence of past lives that we may encounter in our daily lives.


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