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What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is the process of accessing past live memories in an altered state of consciousness. During Past Life Regression the subject is taken to deep levels of relaxation where they enter into trance states. In these deep states one can access the subconscious mind where all past life memories are stored. The subconscious mind is not accessible during normal waking consciousness.

Once this is achieved, the subject is gradually regressed to the in-utero stage and thereafter to one or more past lives. In this state, the subject can remember and describe the past life / lives. The subject continues to remember the experience even after coming out of this state.

Past Life Regression takes an individual to the Root Cause or the source of the problem. It is at heart a deeply spiritual process and helps us to find and resolve patterns rooted in past lives. In past life regression “What is RE-LIVED is RELIEVED” but the real benefit lies in unearthing repetitive karmic patterns in a person's life and through this method releasing the person from the bondage of these patterns.



“Past Life Regression is the science of letting go of the past.”

- Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD


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